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Our Book Series

Home Care Assistance is proud to offer our very own award-winning book series designed to educate families and care professionals on topics related to healthy ageing in an informative, fun and accessible way. Copies of the books are available for purchase on and below you can read a comprehensive snapshot of the topics the series covers.

Happy to 102

“Happy to 102” is the first book in our senior wellness series and focuses on healthy longevity, which we define as remaining healthy, active, sharp and happy throughout an extensive lifespan. We are living longer than ever. Centenarians are the fastest growing segment of our population. Before we know it, 102 just may become the new 75. As lifespan increases, we also want to see health-span increase. ”Happy to 102’’ lays out all the factors including diet, exercise, sociability, mental challenge, sense of purpose etc., that make the difference not only in how long we live but in how well we live. Based on groundbreaking scientific research of the longest living people on Earth, “Happy to 102” spells out precisely what it takes to delay or escape Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases, slow down the process of ageing and enjoy better health in our senior years. With an emphasis on ageing in place with in-home care, “Happy to 102” unlocks the secrets to longevity and inspires us to live happier, healthier lives at any age.

The Handbook of Live-in Care

“The Handbook of Live-in Care” is the second book in our senior wellness series and offers practical advice on caring for an ageing parent or loved one. Age may be “just a number” for many people, but it also brings very real daily challenges for many older adults. Retaining independence and living in their own homes is integral to the majority of older adults’ sense of well-being. However, frailty, illness and forgetfulness can make living at home difficult. “The Handbook of Live-In Care” gives caregivers-usually an adult son or daughter-practical advice on caring for an elderly loved one. From understanding the psychology of home-bound adults to tips for assisting with everyday needs, “The Handbook of Live-In Care” offers the first definitive guide to maximising the quality of life for an older adult.

From Hospital to Home Care

“From Hospital to Home Care” is the third book in our senior wellness series and offers practical advice on how to help make the transition from hospital to home smooth for your loved one. The post-hospitalisation experience is a source of tremendous anxiety for patients and their families who are faced with coordinating home care after a hospital discharge. “From Hospital to Home Care” provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges associated with each step in the transition from hospital to home, explaining the discharge process from an inpatient hospital stay, common issues associated with specific medical conditions, the unique needs of recently hospitalised patients, and the importance of home care to patient outcomes and quality of life. “From Hospital to Home Care” arms families with the knowledge necessary to navigate the discharge process and arrange quality care for those patients who wish to remain in their homes.

The Five Senses

“The Five Senses” is the fourth book in our award-winning senior wellness series and provides information, insights and practical advice to help older adults cope with these changes in sensory awareness. Our senses – sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing – are our primary mechanisms for interacting with the world around us. As we age, our senses will gradually decline, and these sensory deficits can fundamentally change how we interact with our environment. Managing this decline is a crucial component of happy and healthy ageing.” The Five Senses” provides a detailed overview of the changes we experience in our senses as we age and offers practical guidance on managing this evolution for improved quality of life. Armed with this knowledge, older adults can maintain independence and live comfortably in their own homes as they age.

Mind Over Gray Matter

“Mind Over Gray Matter: A New Approach to Dementia Care” is the fifth book in our award-winning senior wellness series. Dementia affects us all. Nearly half of individuals aged 85 and over are afflicted with the disease. As lifespans increase, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia have become the most significant global health challenge of the 21st century. “Mind Over Gray Matter” represents a new approach to dementia care that offers practical guidance on caring for an individual with dementia as well as evidence-based techniques to improve quality of life and slow the progression of the disease. Armed with this knowledge, families can provide the support and resources their loved ones need to live safely and comfortably at home.

The Senior Sleep Solution

“The Senior Sleep Solution” is the sixth book in our senior wellness series and focuses on the common causes for sleep disturbance and provides methods to obtaining more restful nights. As we age, our sleep patterns change. Older adults tend to have more difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep than their younger selves. Quality sleep, however, is essential to our physical health and mental well-being at any age. “The Senior Sleep Solution” explores the common causes of chronic sleep disturbance and provides practical guidance for seniors and carers alike on improving sleep quality and reducing sleep disruption. The strategies presented in “The Senior Sleep Solution” are based on well-researched and easily applied methods and include specific steps for seniors with dementia and various sleep disorders. Armed with this knowledge, families can be proactive about achieving the ever-important good night’s rest.

The Brain Boost: A Practical Guide to Brain Health

“The Brain Boost: A Practical Guide to Brain Health” is the seventh book in our senior wellness series. Is it possible to rewire the brain to enhance cognitive health as we age? “The Brain Boost: A Practical Guide to Brain Health” draws on cutting-edge research from the fields of cognitive science, neuropsychology and medicine to show that anyone can boost his or her brain performance through lifestyle changes. Full of fascinating studies, from explorations of the hippocampi of London taxi drivers to the role of the emotional tone of music in enhancing cognitive function in those with Alzheimer’s, “The Brain Boost” is a highly engaging window into the world of neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to reorganise itself throughout an individual’s lifespan to compensate for injury and disease. “The Brain Boost” offers practical, everyday tips to support brain health and longevity with a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, socialisation and challenging cognitive stimulation. Combating the idea that cognitive decline is an inevitable part of ageing, this book is a must read for adults of any age eager to harness the power of neuroplasticity to enhance their mental acuity and wellbeing.

eLearning series for family carers

Dementia Care Guide: Strategies for Providing Compassionate, Effective Dementia Care

This e-book provides answers to common questions related to dementia care and gives you the tools you need to meet any situation head-on.

The Complete Guide to Preventing Carer Burnout and Finding Your Self-Care Routine

Do you find that all of your time, energy, and resources are going towards supporting a loved one? This eBook gives you the tools you need to minimise daily stressors through minor lifestyle changes and mindset shifts.

The Family Carer’s Guide to the Holidays

For many carers, the festive seasons can be a time of increased stress and a never-ending to-do list. If you’re dreading upcoming festivities, use this guide to lift your spirits! From tips on decorating to helpful recipes, this guide has what you need to survive these challenging times.
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The staff is amazing, they will try there best to meet all of your needs !
Highly recommend.
I really like working at Homecare Assistance the Office Team are very helpful and they give me plenty of work.
Recently I had a situation where due to a family crisis, I needed respite assistance for a couple of days. Home Care Assistance provided a quick response to my query and were able to get a... person for me in time for me to go to my brother's funeral in another state. The person who stayed and looked after my father was very caring, compassionate and reliable. I was extremely happy with the service more
I really appreciate working for a smaller organization as communication with the team in the office is very important as a support worker in the community.It’s really been great to be a part of this... company who are a caring team which the clients benefit from as well as the front line more
We have been with Home Care assistance for last three years. I am impressed by the diversity of the services, they provide.I had few carers but the carer, Shweta, has been coming to us for last two... years, has been a Godsend. She pushes him to do the things which i am unable to. It’s a compliment to Homecare assistance to employ professionals of that standard.No matter what problem I incur, all I have to do is to ring the agency..The eagerness and understanding towards the need of the client is amazing.I would recommend Homecare assistance to anyone and everyone, who requires assistance in all aspects of life.In my case i am grateful of the help i am getting to look after my more
A positive experience of co-ordinated care and provision of support services to meet my high care level of needs.
Megan is very good care manager.
High quality, unique approach with a customised care plan to promote independence and client satisfaction.
I am very satisfied with the carers who take care of my wife. They are not only experienced but very compassionate and understanding of my wife’s needs. They are always positive and easy to deal... with. I would have no problems recommending the company to other potential more
Great place to work, very supportive and understanding.

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