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When Your Situation Changes: Adapting Your In-Home Care Plan

Recognizing the need for in-home care is a significant decision, but equally important is acknowledging when adjustments are necessary in your care plan. Crafting an in-home care plan isn’t a one-time task; it requires ongoing evaluation and adaptation as the care recipient’s needs evolve with age or changes in health. At Home Care Assistance, our Care Professionals collaborate with you to tailor the in-home care plan to ensure it meets the evolving needs of you or your loved one.

Sometimes, care needs may change temporarily due to accidents, illnesses, or hospitalizations, necessitating a higher level of care for a period. This could entail additional support with household tasks, personal care, transportation to appointments, medication management, or adhering to a rehabilitation regimen. Our hospital-to-home program is specifically designed to address such situations. Whenever care levels need adjustment, please communicate with our Care Professionals so we can discuss the shifting needs and provide appropriate support.

As individuals age, their care needs may expand, requiring assistance with additional tasks beyond the initial scope. Initially, support may involve help with shopping and meal preparation for a few hours per week. Over time, this may progress to needing assistance with medication management, personal care, meal assistance, and companionship to alleviate the distress of being alone at home. Assessing whether a transition to full-time in-home care or simply increasing hours per week is necessary may become pertinent.

There are instances where a family member providing supplementary care alongside Care Professionals experiences changes in their circumstances, rendering them unable to continue providing care as before. In such cases, a reassessment of the in-home care plan may be warranted.

Our Care Professionals possess a diverse skill set, allowing for flexibility in adapting care plans as needs evolve. One advantage of partnering with Home Care Assistance is our ability to seamlessly adjust to changing needs without the hassle of sourcing additional staff or managing schedules. Simply inform us when adjustments to the care plan are needed, or our staff may proactively suggest revisions upon noticing changes in care needs.

If you observe your loved one struggling with activities not covered in their current care plan, please inform our office or Care Professional so we can address the evolving needs and provide appropriate support.

Enlisting the support of an in-home care agency like Home Care Assistance can significantly enhance your quality of life while maintaining independence at home. Reach out to a Home Care Assistance branch near you today to learn more about our solutions for supporting independent living.

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Highly recommend.
Megan is very good care manager.
A positive experience of co-ordinated care and provision of support services to meet my high care level of needs.
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