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Caring for Ageing loved ones

Watching a parent or spouse age can be challenging on its own; finding yourself in the position of family Carer for your ageing loved one brings further unique challenges. Fortunately, help is at hand to support both you and them, as you navigate this new time in your lives.

When is the right time for care?

It is not always easy to determine exactly when an ageing loved one needs further support. Should a sudden event like an injury occur, the need for care can be obvious, but often the signs are not as obvious. Things like changes in eating habits, memory loss, changes in energy levels or difficulty in taking part in day to day activities can all be indicative that extra assistance could benefit someone to live an easier and more fulfilled life.  If you notice changes in behaviour or increased frailty give the team at Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne a call to find out how we can help.

Respecting our ageing loved ones

Research shows that 80% of older Australians prefer to age in the comfort of their own home rather than in an aged care facility*. At Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne, we support you and your loved ones to respect this preference and provide personalised and compassionate in-home care services.

Our services support and maximise independent living, but some people may initially feel that their privacy and independence is at risk if they take on in-home care support. Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne understands these feelings and can support families and individuals to help alleviate any concerns or fears about in-home care support and make the transition to receiving care an easier one for everyone.

Home care funding options

In home care support can be paid for privately, but there are also options that are fully or partially government funded such as Home Care Packages, the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Carer Gateway respite.

Paying Privately

At Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne, we find that some people choose to fund the support we provide privately, especially if the need for care is urgent or short term. Paying privately is simple and straight forward and we offer competitive hourly rates for all our service offerings.

Home Care Packages

Home care packages are funded by the government and for Aged Care Pensioners, they can be fully subsidised, so there is no out of pocket cost. The Home Care package subsidy can cover all support needs from help with gardening and cooking to more complex services requiring a co-ordinated approach such as personal care or wound care, and Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne can provide for all levels of care required.

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

The CHSP is a program funded by the government to help those over the age of 65 to access entry-level support services that help them live independently and safely at home. Home care Assistance South East Melbourne can utilise funding through the CHSP to help subsidise our support services and can be a good interim option whilst waiting for a Home Care Package subsidy to be approved and allocated.

Carer Gateway Respite

This program provides emergency respite care at short notice. This is helpful if you find you are suddenly unable to give care or support to a loved one., for example if you are ill or injured. Phone 1800 422 737 to learn more.

Obtaining funding for Home Care

To understand your eligibility and funding options, the first step is to call My Aged Care on on 1800 200 422 or you can apply for an assessment online.  

To complete the online assessment, you will need Medicare card details and to nominate the primary contact person for your loved one. The primary contact will be required for a face-to-face meeting to better understand the support needs. You can find out more about the types of assessments, what happens, and how best to prepare for it here.

What happens once funding is established?

Once your funding is established, be it private or government subsidised, our Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne team will work alongside you and your loved one to create an individualised care plan centred on holistic wellbeing, health care and an enriched experience for ageing.

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The staff is amazing, they will try there best to meet all of your needs !
Megan is very good care manager.
I really appreciate working for a smaller organization as communication with the team in the office is very important as a support worker in the community.It’s really been great to be a part of this... company who are a caring team which the clients benefit from as well as the front line more
A positive experience of co-ordinated care and provision of support services to meet my high care level of needs.
Great place to work, very supportive and understanding.
We have been with Home Care assistance for last three years. I am impressed by the diversity of the services, they provide.I had few carers but the carer, Shweta, has been coming to us for last two... years, has been a Godsend. She pushes him to do the things which i am unable to. It’s a compliment to Homecare assistance to employ professionals of that standard.No matter what problem I incur, all I have to do is to ring the agency..The eagerness and understanding towards the need of the client is amazing.I would recommend Homecare assistance to anyone and everyone, who requires assistance in all aspects of life.In my case i am grateful of the help i am getting to look after my more
Highly recommend.
High quality, unique approach with a customised care plan to promote independence and client satisfaction.
I really like working at Homecare Assistance the Office Team are very helpful and they give me plenty of work.
I am very satisfied with the carers who take care of my wife. They are not only experienced but very compassionate and understanding of my wife’s needs. They are always positive and easy to deal... with. I would have no problems recommending the company to other potential more

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