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I Want To Change My Home Care Provider

Changing providers can feel overwhelming for many individuals receiving services under a home care package. We often find that many clients reach out to us after being unhappy with their existing provider for months, and sometimes years, only wishing they had done it sooner.
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Changing your In-home Care Provider

If you find yourself wanting to change your care provider, you will be pleased to know that it is a simple process and at Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne, we can support you through the process to make it even easier. The process of changing providers also includes the transfer of any unused funds in your home care package ensuring you will not lose any of your allocated subsidy, except for any exit fee that your former provider may change.

Maintaining support services when Changing in home Care Provider

Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne understands the importance of the relationships built with support services such as physiotherapists, podiatrists and other health professionals. Changing your in-home care provider does not mean you have to lose those relationships, and we will ensure continued service from your trusted support services even after you change provider.

Changing to Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne in 3 easy steps

The process of moving your Home Care Package to Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne involves three simple steps:

Step 1

Inform your current provider via email, fax or hard copy letter of your intention to change providers. It is ideal to give up to 4 weeks’ notice, depending on your agreement with them.

Step 2

Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to inform them that you are changing providers. This will allow them to reactivate your Home Care Package referral code that we will require to provide services to you. Please ensure you write down this code.

Step 3

Give us a call! We will need your referral code and the date on which your current provider will cease your services. Our Client Care manager will visit you at home to welcome you to our service and ensure a seamless transition of care and support services for you.

Why do people choose Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne over other providers?

We have found that people choose to come to Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne for a variety of reasons:
  • Their current provider charges expensive administrative fees.
  • Frequent, unexplained changes to their care workers or their schedules.
  • Waiting long periods of time to have requests for services or goods approved.
  • They are fed up with being treated like a number and are looking for a more local, personalised service provider.

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Both my Grandpa & Granny have been receiving support from Home Care Assistance for last 3 years. During the COVID times it was a big help for them & all of us when we couldn't visit.Highly recommend... itread more
We have been with Home Care assistance for last three years. I am impressed by the diversity of the services, they provide.I had few carers but the carer, Shweta, has been coming to us for last two... years, has been a Godsend. She pushes him to do the things which i am unable to. It’s a compliment to Homecare assistance to employ professionals of that standard.No matter what problem I incur, all I have to do is to ring the agency..The eagerness and understanding towards the need of the client is amazing.I would recommend Homecare assistance to anyone and everyone, who requires assistance in all aspects of life.In my case i am grateful of the help i am getting to look after my husband.read more
Highly recommend Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne
Highly recommend.
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