What is Home Care Assistance?

If you or your ageing loved one is having trouble with daily tasks due to old age, physical, or mental impairment, then Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne can provide aged care services at home. Each person and family is unique and we take the time to understand our client’s preferences, wishes and dreams.

Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne is able to tailor the services to provide one-on-one attention from a caregiver of choice and customised care plan for your loved one.

Our unique approach to in-home aged care promotes a high quality of life for seniors and allows family caregivers to resume their role as a loving and supportive family member.

Home Care Assistance’s highly-skilled caregivers ensure that they help enable participation by the client rather than doing the job for them, thus helping increase independence leading to greater client satisfaction when providing aged care at home.

We will work with you to develop a plan that suits your needs and life style and select caregivers based on your preferences.

Home Care Assistance Services

Home Care Packages Melbourne (HCP) by Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne

Home Care Packages (HCP)

If you have already been assessed for and offered a Home Care Package – we can help you with a wonderful, personalised Home Care Package service. If you have not applied for a Commonwealth Home Care Package yet, and you would like to – we can help. It’s easy!

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Hourly Home Care Services for Seniors in Melbourne by Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne

Hourly Care

Hourly home care is not only used to enhance the lives of our senior clients, but the lives of their families as well. Hourly care can provide family caregivers with time to attend to their own needs and personal obligations.

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Aged Care at Home

Balanced Care Method™

Balanced Care Method™ is a science-based approach based on the lifestyle factors of some of the longest living and healthiest elderly seniors of Okinawa, Japan. This proprietary home care method combines healthy nutrition, physical exercise, mental stimulation, social interaction and

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Aged Care at Home

Cognitive Therapeutics Method™

While all seniors benefit from our science-based Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, it was specifically designed to slow mental decline in seniors with memory impairment through activities targeting attention, visual-spatial perception, language, memory, and executive functioning.

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Live-in/24/7 Home Care Assistance Services for Seniors in Melbourne by Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne

Live-In / 24/7 Home Care

This level of service provides constant assistance and supervision at home and the highest level of support for recovery and disease management

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Alzheimer's In-home Care Services for Seniors across South East Melbourne by Home Care Assistance

Alzheimer’s In-home Care

Knowing where to turn to find solutions can be challenging, but with our compassionate support for Alzheimer’s In-home Care for Seniors, we can assure you peace-of-mind.

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In-Home Dementia Care Services in South East Melbourne by Home Care Assistance

Dementia Care

We offer a reliable and professional home based care twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for clients at various stages of Dementia. Rest assured knowing that a trained Dementia caregiver is only a phone call away.

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Home Care Services for Stroke Patients in Melbourne by Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne

Stroke Care

Our trained stroke caregivers can provide care at your loved one’s rehabilitation facility to promote a fast, safe, and highly individualised recovery period that focuses on managing personal symptoms.

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In-Home Parkinson's Care Services for seniors in Melbourne by Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne

Parkinson’s Care

Home Care Assistance is a trusted name in In-home Parkinson’s Care for Seniors, offering specialised care in the comfort of a senior’s own home to promote dignity and encourage as much independence as possible.

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In-Home Palliative Care Services for seniors in Melbourne by Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne

Palliative Care

For seniors who are nearing the end of their life, the comfort and familiarity of home is their preferred place to spend their final days. Surrounded by their family, friends, pets and possessions, patients and their loved ones are able to enjoy these precious last moments together.

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Post Hospital Home Care Services across South East Melbourne by Home Care Assistance

Post-Hospital Care

When an elderly patient is hospitalised for a medical procedure or illness, their recovery can be lengthy and painful. If your elderly parent or loved one has recently received hospital treatment, Home Care Assistance offers Post-Hospital Care that promotes a faster recovery for seniors in the comfort of their home.

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Disability Services

Home Care Assistance South East Melbourne offers a comprehensive range of home and community based supports to people who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident or at work.

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Areas we Serve

Areas served by South East Melbourne Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance Benefits

Aged Care at Home

High-Caliber Caregivers

We have a stringent selection process and a comprehensive training. We only hire the best caregivers so that you get a professional and friendly service at all times.

Aged Care at Home

No Long Term Contracts

Get the care which you need. Talk to our friendly consultants for a free consultation to find out what suites your needs. There are  no long term contracts.

Aged Care at Home

We’re Available 24/7

Home Care Assistance’s professional live-in caregivers can step in and provide assistance early in the mornings, overnight, and on the weekends.

Aged Care at Home

Trusted Partners

Along with offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our aged care services,we offer a reliable, professional and friendly service.

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